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Public input survey

Highland Elementary

1341 Duck Avenue, Eunice, LA  70535

(337) 457-5161 (phone)     (337) 457- 0207 (fax)

Ms. Lorie A. LeDoux, Principal


Vision: Highland Elementary is a community school, where students come first. 

We are dedicated to preparing all students for lifelong learning in a nurturing, caring, and safe environment.

Mission: Empowering students to believe, achieve, and lead!

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1. I feel my child is safe at school? *
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2. Teachers have high expectations for themselves and the students at my child’s school? *
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3. Additional support and instructional time is available for my child if he/she needs it. *
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4. I am always welcome at my child’s school? *
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5. I often see administrator throughout the school talking to students. *
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6. Teachers in my child’s school help students to achieve state and local standards? *
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7. I feel like my child is treated fairly at his/her school? *
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8. Teachers use a variety of test to determine what my child knows in order for him/her to be successful.*
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9. Teachers regularly communicate with me about my child’s progress? *
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10. I can meet with or speak to the administrators at my child’s school when needed? *
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11. I feel teachers are prepared to teach my child what he/she needs to be successful. *
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